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Miniature Circuit Breakers

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Miniature Circuit Breakers

Ex9BH and Ex9BN Series modular circuit breakers are universal devices for all types of application meeting the high demands of standards for circuit breakers for household use pursuant to EN 60898, with nominal currents ranging from 1 to 63 A. Short-circuit breaking capacity Icn is 10 kA for Ex9BH Series and 6 kA for Ex9BN Series. In both cases, the Icn capacity above applies to all breaker versions, i.e. up to a nominal current of 63 A with D tripping characteristics.

Circuit breakers Ex9B are supplied in 1, 1+N, 2, 3, 3+N and 4-pole design with pole width corresponding to one module (18 mm). Tripping characteristics B, C and D. Ex9BH breakers provides coloured control levers, with colours corresponding to the relevant circuit breaker’s nominal current. Since these levers are fully colour-penetrated, their colour coding is non-interchangeable. In terms of mechanical properties, both Ex9BH and Ex9BN series are fully compatible.

Ex9PN breakers are special version of 1P+N breaker in 1 module unit width. They are offered with rated currents up to 40A, tripping characteristics B and C. They can save a half space in consumer unit compared to standard MCBs.

Ex9BH, Ex9BN and Ex9PN series circuit breakers can be supplemented with a wide range of accessories. They can be fitted with up to three units of auxiliary or signal contacts AX31, AL31, AXL31 and, at the same time with up to two release units. Releases are available as opening, under-voltage and over-voltage releases and can be optionally combined as necessary. All these accessories can be mounted to the breakers from the left-hand side. Additionally to Ex9B breakers, Ex9LE guard release can be mounted on the right-hand side, thus creating a very specific combination of a current breaker with overload protection.